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slappHappe: The occasional ramblings of Harry Brindley’s undiciplined mind.

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The wild life, batteries not included …

Out of Africa, now living in New York: Harry Brindley. Here holding Monty at Sodwana Bay, KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. Photograph © by diving buddy Paul Everitt.

slappHappe is a cartoon character I drew as a child, had a second life as my CB radio handle and then became my hacker name in the 80’s and now, that cover long blown, it is the name of my blog.

For the record, a disclaimer: Although I work for a mainstream newspaper, on this blog I speak for myself, about my own personal opinions, without any reflection on, nor any implied endorsement by my employer — whatsoever.

Original content © Harry Brindley, all rights reserved. I respect copyright, so I’ve taken care not to knowingly infringe on anyone else’s copyright and to correctly attribute where necessary. Let me know if that ain’t so!


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