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Hailey Treanor, Joe and Candi’s youngest, standing by her mother, reads a poem she wrote for the unveiling of her father’s headstone on the afternoon of Saturday 19th June, 2010. Joe passed away last August 17th, 2009. Happy Father’s Day for tomorrow Joe — we’ll be remembering you at breakfast with the family. Read More »

Bo’s “We the People …”, the first runner up to this year’s Congressional Arts Competition. Here congratulated by congressman Steve Israel at Hecksher park today …

Links: Huntington Public Schools headline Brindley Honored in Congressional Art Competition

P.S. The Huntington High School gifted First Lady Mrs Michelle Obama with a copy of this work when she invited the high school’s fashion students to Washington, D.C. to participate in the events surrounding the donation of her inaugural gown to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

My nephew Mark writes “Jackie myself and Nikki took a day trip to The Tsitsikamma National Park. We took a good hike up the hill towards Stormsriver mouth.”

“We found this ‘railway sleeper’ bench right at the top, on a landing where everybody in both directions would rest. In most cases they were all panting and gasping for breath. Jackie and I both Laughed as we thought of dad in the same situation.”

“So I decided to place the plaque right there in the middle of the bench, with a great sea view and a solid flow of people. Though it was rather fitting.” Read More »

Bo asked me to reinstall the drivers on her all-in-one Canon printer/scanner — which I did remotely using Apple Remote Desktop. I asked her to put something in the scanner so I could test it afterwards, else I’d see only a blank white screen. This is what I saw when I got around to testing the scanner …

This slide show illustrates how my nephew Mark had a family heirloom jug professionally restored.

kevin joe michael

After a three year long battle with cancer Joe died peacefully at 5am this morning. He died with dignity, his wife Candi at his side, supported by his extensive family and network of friends.

Joe, centre, with brothers Kevin on the left and Michael on the right.

Links: Unveiling Joe Treanor’s Headstone

20090802_CGRY6220090802CGYFT9Bo-Ashley (geocacher BoDash), my buddy Paul Everitt and his son Ryan help me find GCRY62 and GCYFT9 in Froelich Farms, Huntington. We also picked up Travel Bug “Bob” YRWT3B which wants to travel to the four corners of the country.

UPDATE Tuesday, July 28th, 2009: Alfred died today, in hospital. He did not recover from the stroke he suffered on Sunday, July 12th. In addition to my family he’s survived by his sons A.J. (we know him as Alfie) and Mark — and their children, Carmen, Joshua and Nikki. He was a good man and a fabulous brother.

alf harry at pjMy brother Alf is seriously ill in hospital. Our thoughts are with him and our wish is for a fully and speedy recovery. Harry, Carolyn & Bo-Ashley

Suggested links: Photo gallery: Remembering Alf | Geocaching Travel Bug TB2T4PG — a trackable item hidden in GC1Y8TK with the goal of completing a motor bike trip Alf had planned from South Africa through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique. A trip he started earlier in the year and then aborted when they crashed into a cow, at night, in Zimbabwe | Alf’s blog

20090702 Gisela Everitt

GiselaJust a few months ago we took our Spring Break with the Everitts — a wonderful holiday with old friends. Gisela bravely battled cancer for about three years and although it took a heavy toll on her body, it seemed not to dampen her spirits nor warp her outlook on life. She was so very special to us, so refreshingly genuine, uncomplicated, eternally cheerful, chatty with everyone — even strangers — and generous to a fault. Pictured here, after a buffet Chinese lunch she treated us all to, Gisela shed her mortal coil today at 4am. Yes, that’s me behind the camera, as usual, not in the photo. Gisela’s sister Hannali suffered a similar fate recently. Read More »


I loaded up my iPhone with the free Urbanspoon application some months back and since then I’ve discovered several good restaurants where I live, work and play. It uses the phone’s GPS to be location aware. The key is to find like minded foodie friends so I’m inviting you to follow me on Urbanspoon by linking here. An account is free if you haven’t signed up yet — and there is no kickback or financial incentive for me to promote Urbanspoon to you. Read More »


Caption: My pick for the under $200K category is the Morgan Aero SuperSports!


As a family, we so seldom get photographed together, since one of us is usually taking the pictures. Today we managed to capture ourselves rather well — at Easter, with the Treanors.


Caption: Gisela (holding Tula), Paul, Carolyn & Harry

We take our Spring Break with the Everitts in Florida: Here standing at the end of the runway of their fly-in community, aircraft landing and taking off overhead, land tortoises burrowing under foot. For Gisela we wish miracles!

20090408_florida_powerballNo, no, not the jackpot*, just the Power Ball. One little number, the actual Power Ball number, number nine, at the end of the line. An important number, but on its own, worth only $3.

They said the tickets were either one dollar or two, without explanation. I suggested we pay only one but Carolyn, dispensing with her Scottish frugality, paid two. We were on holiday after all. Read More »