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My nephew Mark writes “Jackie myself and Nikki took a day trip to The Tsitsikamma National Park. We took a good hike up the hill towards Stormsriver mouth.”

“We found this ‘railway sleeper’ bench right at the top, on a landing where everybody in both directions would rest. In most cases they were all panting and gasping for breath. Jackie and I both Laughed as we thought of dad in the same situation.”

“So I decided to place the plaque right there in the middle of the bench, with a great sea view and a solid flow of people. Though it was rather fitting.” Read More »

UPDATE Tuesday, July 28th, 2009: Alfred died today, in hospital. He did not recover from the stroke he suffered on Sunday, July 12th. In addition to my family he’s survived by his sons A.J. (we know him as Alfie) and Mark — and their children, Carmen, Joshua and Nikki. He was a good man and a fabulous brother.

alf harry at pjMy brother Alf is seriously ill in hospital. Our thoughts are with him and our wish is for a fully and speedy recovery. Harry, Carolyn & Bo-Ashley

Suggested links: Photo gallery: Remembering Alf | Geocaching Travel Bug TB2T4PG — a trackable item hidden in GC1Y8TK with the goal of completing a motor bike trip Alf had planned from South Africa through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique. A trip he started earlier in the year and then aborted when they crashed into a cow, at night, in Zimbabwe | Alf’s blog