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biltong hanging


Biltong is the South African version of what Americans call jerky: Excepting biltong is savory, not sweet, and it’s much thicker — often moist under a spicy crust, sometimes with a thin rind of fat. The predominant flavours being salt, vinegar and coriander. Here’s how to make your own biltong wherever you are, especially if you’re a needy ex-pat unwilling to smuggle it in … Read More »

Fall brings with it cooler weather more suitable for making biltong. This season I aim to evolve the process by improving the adhesion of spices, making less of a mess and reducing waste — using vacuum seal bags.

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The basics …

13 gal wastebasket with touch lid
9″ desktop fan (recycled in my example, ideally with a couple of fan speeds to help vary temperature)
x2 lamp sockets with 40 watt incandescent light bulbs (to control temperature)
x2 threaded metal rods with x4 matching lock nuts
Screen patches to cover ventilation holes (to keep insects and vermin out)
A biltong recipe

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