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bm - staches copy

Bo-Ashley having recently graduated with a B.Sc. in Architecture and myself in recovery from back surgery: We stuck with a plan long in the making — a father-daughter road trip to Burning Man. Crazy, but fun and unforgettable. Regrettably all too short, so we’re planning a return run in 2016.  Read More »

My daughter by local artist Ryan Haugsjaa …

Ryan Haugsjaa artwork of Bo

Credit Ryan Haugsjaa “Bo-Ashley inkjet ink on paper 8 x 10”

Bo-Ashley posts: Just got a text message from UB Alert that reads ‘Robbery at Gunpoint. UB Police report a student was robbed at gunpoint in the vicinity of Hayes Annex on the South Campus.’ Right outside MY studio.

Which got me wondering just how much crime there is in the South Campus area of the University at Buffalo. Way too much I learn from this google maps mashup … Read More »

Caption: Bo in her studio on South Campus. Read More »

One of Bo-Ashley’s favourite night time reads was Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet. She would often fall asleep soon after the chapter On ChildrenRead More »

Newsday article on Bo-Ashley Brindley – May 2010

Bo brought a tear to my eye with this sentimental card …

Read More »

Bo’s “We the People …”, the first runner up to this year’s Congressional Arts Competition. Here congratulated by congressman Steve Israel at Hecksher park today …

Links: Huntington Public Schools headline Brindley Honored in Congressional Art Competition

P.S. The Huntington High School gifted First Lady Mrs Michelle Obama with a copy of this work when she invited the high school’s fashion students to Washington, D.C. to participate in the events surrounding the donation of her inaugural gown to the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

Bo asked me to reinstall the drivers on her all-in-one Canon printer/scanner — which I did remotely using Apple Remote Desktop. I asked her to put something in the scanner so I could test it afterwards, else I’d see only a blank white screen. This is what I saw when I got around to testing the scanner …

20090802_CGRY6220090802CGYFT9Bo-Ashley (geocacher BoDash), my buddy Paul Everitt and his son Ryan help me find GCRY62 and GCYFT9 in Froelich Farms, Huntington. We also picked up Travel Bug “Bob” YRWT3B which wants to travel to the four corners of the country.

The Wall Street bail out bill got rejected today, for better or for worse, as Bo and I were visiting the Capitol. Unfortunately we missed actually witnessing the vote take place on H.R.3997* while we were standing in line to get into the House of Representatives’ gallery. Representatives were scurrying around the building and gallery visitors rushed out after the vote. A small contingent of demonstrators dressed in pink were holding a noisy “Tax Revolt” outside. We saw democracy in action today. All in all a very good day to visit the legislative capital of the USA!

*A revised bill H.R. 1424 passed the floor a few days later.

On my last vacation day this summer, after the family visiting went home, my daughter Bo-Ashley and I headed out to the Sunken Forest at Sailors Haven on Fire Island. It’s a comfortable walk, hardly a hike, mostly a raised boardwalk through the forest and a concrete path between the dunes — with a couple of benches, rest stops, toilets and showers along the way. The circuit is easily completed in and hour-and-a-half with lots of time to look at things along the way. Take good walking shoes, bug spray and picnic food — the concession store and food stand leave a lot to be desired. The shopping experience aside, the walk was pretty interesting and the two of us had a wonderful father-daughter day out!