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“One person a day wins a chance to write to the growing list of subscribers. It could be you.”

They suggest an audience of a million, but at the time I joined there were less than 16,000 subscribers. I’m keen to read what others make of this platform and somewhat apprehensive of what I’d say come my turn. Ok, not really.

Join the lottery here

UPDATE: July 7th, 2012. In my short time on the list, several posts have been very thought provoking, perhaps a few too many have run with the treacle of you can do it, live free and all will turn out well in the end. Today’s message, however was jarring: A message which asks religious people to consider suicide?

From: Frank Mul
Date: July 7, 2012 12:59:46 PM EDT
Subject: [The Listserve] Win win

If every person who’s convinced that there’s a glorious and eternal afterlife would take a voluntary shortcut right now, many global problems that humanity is facing would be a lot easier to solve.

Frank Mul
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I’m a bit uncomfortable with it, especially if young people are subscribers, but if they’re not editing/censoring at all, I guess I’m okay with free speech on the listserve — for now.