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When trying to mount my iDisk in the Finder>Go>iDisk>my iDisk I get the following “Your iDisk cannot be accessed. Your member name or password may be invalid. An unexpected error occurred (error code -36).”


This happens whether or not I’m signed in via System Preferences>MobileMe or not, even after rebooting, fixing permissions and/or deleting my URLMount folder from Systems>Library>Filesystems. I’m using Mac OS 10.5x through several versions (now 10.5.5) with the Firewall down on a PowerBook G4 on an AirPort wireless network. I don’t have the exact same problem using my Intel PowerBook, I get the -35 error instead, where logging in and out of MobileMe from the System Preferences sets things right — for a little while, at least.

This isn’t a fix, but I can work around the annoying iDisk error code -36: If I go to my System Preferences>MobileMe>iDisk and start iDisk Syncing, then sure enough, my iDisk mounts and, after it has synced up, I’m able to use my virtual disk. It does, however, require a large amount of hard disk space but it brings with it the convenience of using my iDisk offline, which isn’t very often.

When I turn iDisk syncing off, I lose the virtual disk again: Listen up Apple, you need to fix this .mac, .me or MobileMe thing. Instead of acquiring alternate domain names for marketing it, try fixing it instead! Remember your Apple ad suggesting Microsoft to spend more on fixing Vista than on advertising it? People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.