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The très cool Texts from Hillary spoof gave the Secretary of State’s image a much needed boost — the limelight of which she readily stepped into. To her regret I’m going to predict, especially if she runs for president.

The ability to play off those texts is all too apparent in an Avaaz campaign to stop US funding of Uzbekistan — whose government is sterilizing women without their knowledge. Read More »

Few of us realise that Facebook allows apps which our friends use to access our private information. You heard me right. Even if you don’t subscribe to apps, your friends — who have access to your private information — can empower apps they subscribe to to see your info. There appears to be no way your friends can limit how much their apps see about you, but there are privacy options in your own settings which claims to control how friends hand off your info to the apps they subscribe to.

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Some rogue Facebook pages you “like” may end up spreading spam messages to your friends via your Facebook news feed — feigning your endorsement. You can easily be tricked into liking a page by getting sucked into some incredible offer, story, video etc. that you have to click through to reveal — you just got suckered, they call it “likejacking”. Typically the message comes with a viral link to a bad app — which wants to get at your private information and then post spam to your friends, abusing your credibility, and then similarly trick them into liking the page so that all of their friends get the viral message. Ouch!
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Is some rogue Facebook app posting unwanted status messages to your wall, to your friends’ walls, or commenting on photographs or other posts — typically with a viral link to bad app (which wants to get at your friends’ private information and the right to post in their name)?

How can you revoke the rights unwanted apps have over your account? Read More »

When your Facebook friends become addicted to various applications, like Farmville, you’ll find your wall littered with updates you have no interest in. It would be thoughful if they set their notifications not to publish, but most don’t know how to nor are aware of the implications of not doing so.

Fortunately you can elect to hide annoying posts (friends too, but that’s the subject of another post), so don’t begrudge them their fun. Have fun playing Farmville Cathy!

Here’s how to do it, step-by-step:

Step 1: Hover over the upper right corner of an offending post until the “Hide” button appears …

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You might want to try out or to Flip Text for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Forums, IMs etc. — or not!

Unfortunately the process is a bit imperfect: No capital letters, the “i” isn’t dotted, the letter L either doesn’t flip in flipmytext or sits on the wrong baseline — and flipped text doesn’t work in SMS/text messages where my “¿uʍop ǝpısdn sı plɹoʍ ɹnoʎ ǝʞıl ƃuılǝǝɟ” headline will come out something like “=?utf-8?Q?=C2=BFu=CA=8Dop_=C7=9Dp=C4=B1a”.

The blog post tries to answers the question “How do you type upside down on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Forums, IMs etc.?”