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david and harlie

Caption: Cousins David Aureliano and Harlie Treanor.

Close family friends lost children in last year’s Fourth of July boating tragedy off Long Island’s North shore. Hailey Treanor, her grandma, aunt and cousins — many of whom were on the boat that capsized — are petitioning the Long Island Coast Guard to equip themselves for underwater rescues.

Although the Coast Guard were on the scene within minutes they were unable to dive into the water to rescue David and Harlie trapped in the cabin. They may have survived if the Coast Guard were equipped with scuba gear and trained divers. It’s a worthy cause that might save lives in the future. Please sign Hailey’s petition here.

Update: July 4th, 2013. According to Newsday*, one year after the tragic accident, the Coast Guard’s lack of equipment and training to effect fast underwater rescues is being addressed. Yay!

*May require registration!