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GC1Y8TK: The challenge, for those landing on this page from a geochaching clue is to locate Stage #3, a Town of Huntington historical sign marking the one time residence of Gilbert Potter, which hides the directions to the final Stage #4 of a multi-stage cache …

Gilbert Potter 1725 – 1786

Gilbert Potter, a resident of Huntington, now buried in the Old Huntington Cemetery on Main St., was a patriot of the American Revolution, a doctor and a commissioned officer Gilbert Potter as listed on page 512 of Frederic Gregory Mather’s book “The refugees of 1776 from Long Island to Connecticut.” He was known for the patriotic saying “I am determined to live and die free.” The cemetery in which he is buried, also known as the Old Burial Hill Cemetery, is considered by The Long Island Paranormal Investigators to be a haunted site,

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