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Our friend Gisela passed away, one year ago, today: We remember her fondly.

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20090702 Gisela Everitt

GiselaJust a few months ago we took our Spring Break with the Everitts — a wonderful holiday with old friends. Gisela bravely battled cancer for about three years and although it took a heavy toll on her body, it seemed not to dampen her spirits nor warp her outlook on life. She was so very special to us, so refreshingly genuine, uncomplicated, eternally cheerful, chatty with everyone — even strangers — and generous to a fault. Pictured here, after a buffet Chinese lunch she treated us all to, Gisela shed her mortal coil today at 4am. Yes, that’s me behind the camera, as usual, not in the photo. Gisela’s sister Hannali suffered a similar fate recently. Read More »