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kevin joe michael

After a three year long battle with cancer Joe died peacefully at 5am this morning. He died with dignity, his wife Candi at his side, supported by his extensive family and network of friends.

Joe, centre, with brothers Kevin on the left and Michael on the right.

Links: Unveiling Joe Treanor’s Headstone


Caption: Gutted for Christmas. By removing the mechanism Huntington’s residents get a parking fee holiday over Christmas.

From a merchants point of view this might make sense: Encourage people to come shop in our local village. But I worry that people might just hog their parking spot and that traffic will not turn over and thereby increase sales.

My mind isn’t really on the merchants, it’s on the value of doing this. The cost of removing and then reinstalling the parking meter mechanisms from every meter must be significant. Perhaps there’s an advantage in having them all serviced at one time — if indeed that’s what they do with them when they’re removed.

A better idea might be to (a) make paying for parking optional during the holiday period and (b) pay all meter proceeds during this period to a local charity and (c) suspend any parking meter fines for the duration.

Happy holidays!