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Did the “insurance.aes256” file on WikiLeaks contain the trove of cables?

A 1.4Gb Insurance file, was appended to the Afghan War Diary, 2004-2010 post. [Note: Original file has been removed, this link now broken]. To decompress the files you will apparently need the 7zip for Windows, p7zip for Unix/Linux or EZ7z for Mac.

Could it be some insurance in case WikiLeaks or, worse, Julian Assange himself is brought down? I’m guessing it’s encrypted and we’ll need a password to uncompress and decrypt it. Perhaps the threat of having it out there in many hands to decrypt is the threat they hope will keep them out of harm’s way?

Haven’t we seen something leading up to this in countless movie endings? Is it about to happen now, for real? Join a discussion group trying to decrypt it here if you have nothing better to do with your time. Read More »