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Photo by Andrew Stawarz via Flickr

When you self-park in a garage where there are likely to be timed exits, then don’t park on the downward spiral if you can help it. For example, a multi-storey parking garage at a commuter railway station is likely to disgorge a large number of passengers at regular times during the peak home traffic hours (about 4-8pm). So what’s the problem?

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Headstones with age and initials only: What’s the story behind this interesting find?

There are several aspects of geocaching I most enjoy: In rough order of preference they are the exposure to locations I would not otherwise have visited, the history that goes with it, the occasional opportunity for urban exploration, the follow up research it inspires — and the technology which drives it. Of course many geocaches don’t meet all the criteria, but we look for those that do.
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The Central Park Conservancy have provided a uniquely hip/geek way to tour Central Park: You can dial the numbers, 646-862-0997, and punch in the numbers corresponding to a park feature (see appended list) from anywhere. The numbers are also posted in the park. Read More »