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Is your service provider this obtuse? A man is quoted .002¢/Kb on an out of network data plan. They charge him $0.002 instead (the difference between $71.00 and 71c in his case). He calls to query the bill. Take a listen to this …

The service provider in this case is Verizon: Check your bills folks, Verizon can’t do the math!

The URL to the audio suggests this incident is somehow associated with the xkcd online comic. There’s a cheque payment out there purported to be made by Randall Munroe, creator of xkcd …


… excepting the protagonist in the audio clip is named George. So I’m calling this a fauxtograph — Photoshopped!

If you ignore the unit of value and focus only on the decimal point then you’re probably thinking the unit is Dollars for both, but just like .5 of a Dollar and .5 of a cent is the difference between 50¢ and 1/2¢, then $.002 is one hundred times greater than .002¢ — they’re fractions of different units of values, Dollars and cents. Therefore .002¢ is $0.00002

P.S. It wasn’t easily apparent to me how to embed an .mp3 into WordPress, since it strips out the embed code as soon as you update the post. It turns out there’s an audio command …