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I’ll get straight to the point, I’ve found some ringtones that do not have both a Name and an Artist listed for the ringtone won’t sync to my iPhone (iOS 6x). Get Info on the track in iTunes, add the missing metadata and sync again. Strange but true.

If you already have an Artist listed and think this doesn’t apply to you but still can’t sync up the ringtone, try deleting and then reentering the Artist info and then sync up again. Stranger but equally true.

Other common faults are that the tone is longer than 40 seconds or that you haven’t enabled the iPhone to synch all or this specific ringtone under the Tones tab against the device in iTunes.

Links How to create your own custom iPhone ringtones

Answers the question: Why won’t my ringtones or Tones sync with my iPhone?
Addresses the problem: iPhone ringtones or Tones will not sync from iTunes

This post describes a quick way to create your own custom iPhone ringtones using iTunes on your Mac …

  • Load your soundtrack into iTunes.
  • Create a temporary playlist to work in and then copy your soundtrack into this playlist.
  • Listen to the track and figure out the in (start) and out (stop) points of the just the part you want to convert into a ringtone — make a note of those times.
  • File>Get Info on the track and switch to the Options tab. Change the Start Time and Stop Time fields to the in and out points you worked out earlier (maximum 45 seconds as a ringtone for iPhone) and then hit the Ok button. Play the track to test that you have specified the right portion. Keep testing and adjusting the Start Time and Stop Time until you have the perfect segment specified. Read More »