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skype_logoUPDATE Tuesday 31st March: Yes! You can find it here.

There’s a lot of net chatter suggesting that a Skype app for the iPhone will be in the App Store on Tuesday. For free (yay!). Works only when you’re logged onto WiFi (doh!). Still, I’ll be in line to download and test it tomorrow …

Ring Free (RF), in beta now, offers iPhone users the opportunity to make calls to Skype users anywhere — at the cost of a local call.

Register yourself and your iPhone at, write down a four digit code, allow your browser to kick off a local call to Ring Free, punch in the code. Your phone and your account are now tied together. Setup done.

Working through a dialer displayed in your browser, select “Skype”, enter a Skype user name and then punch the “Call” button. You’ll likely enter buddies into your favourites — an alternate page to the dialer.

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