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Many of my interests are tied into one another. I enjoy primitive plants, gardening and experimenting. I’m also into urban exploring and now also geocaching — especially graveyards, ruined buildings and parks.

What I come across at many of these locations are lichens and moss. So, naturally enough, I’ve taken to collecting samples and growing them in terrariums.

This terrarium of a fern like moss, collected from Camelback Pennsylvania, came with the larvae of crane flies hidden in the substrate, one of which hatched in the bottle recently — another appears to have wiggled up near the surface and may still hatch. Read More »


The amaryllis bulb experiments having come to a successful conclusion at the office, a colleague gifted me a trio of hyacinth bulbs — which are currently sprouting in water, suspended on glass chips. I know this sounds pessimistic, but I’ve grown hyacinth before and never succeeded in raising anything but deformed or stunted flower heads* — all without the benefit of alcohol, not for the plants anyway.

With such low expectations of them blooming well I’ve prepared another experiment to see me through to the summer — freshwater biospheres in old preserving jars.

bioshpere 1 bioshpere 2

The biosphere picture above (one of two I started out with) is four months old at the time of this edit. The project was started in February 2008 and remains sealed. In June 2008 the snails have prevailed, even multiplied, but the ghost shrimp died off within the first two months.

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