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You might want to try out or to Flip Text for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Forums, IMs etc. — or not!

Unfortunately the process is a bit imperfect: No capital letters, the “i” isn’t dotted, the letter L either doesn’t flip in flipmytext or sits on the wrong baseline — and flipped text doesn’t work in SMS/text messages where my “¿uʍop ǝpısdn sı plɹoʍ ɹnoʎ ǝʞıl ƃuılǝǝɟ” headline will come out something like “=?utf-8?Q?=C2=BFu=CA=8Dop_=C7=9Dp=C4=B1a”.

The blog post tries to answers the question “How do you type upside down on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, Forums, IMs etc.?”

Since YouTube has updated their weside to accommodate the wider HD format I’m finding that my usual tools for copying video down — to transfer to my iPhone for later viewing — is broken. I found the following javascript code snippet at several site (so I’m not sure whom to properly credit with it). Create a bookmark and instead of entering a URL, enter this code instead …


You might also try installing this code by drag-dropping this link onto your bookmark bar to create a bookmark! Read More »