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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Bo asked me to reinstall the drivers on her all-in-one Canon printer/scanner — which I did remotely using Apple Remote Desktop. I asked her to put something in the scanner so I could test it afterwards, else I’d see only a blank white screen. This is what I saw when I got around to testing the scanner …

Using a compressor we sucked all the air out of a chamber containing fruit steeped in two different glasses of fruit juice and another in vermouth — and then let the air back in to force the liquids into the spaces where the air was vacated in the fruit.

Results: Pomegranate juice not so good, vermouth very interesting, cherry cider was best.

We stepped up to start a new transaction when the check out terminal crashed and then rebooted itself — we hadn’t even touched it. Ikea staff quickly rushed to cover it with a bag after they watched me photograph it — but did nothing to help us get first in line for the next available check out.

BTW Windows it’s apparently also good enough for Apple Computer retail stores to use on their hand held check out devices. When will they show confidence and switch to their own hand held device and OS? Or is Windows simply the best OS one can get on a check out appliance?

The iPhone’s spell check tries to correct your spelling of iPad by offering up uPas? Hopefully the next iPhone OS upgrade will update the dictionary.

BTW I’m perfectly happy with my iPad nano — the iPhone itself!