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logitech c920 camera Even though Macs are not listed amongst the system this webcam will run on and in spite of Amazon reviews suggesting it works with Mac, I found that it didn’t work for me on my Mac, not without some additional software — I have an 11″ MacBook Air under OS X 10.10 Yosemite. So why buy it? For the purportedly awesome HD quality and H.264 audio compression. I’ll speak to those claims when I have more experience with the camera. For now I want to quickly help you get the camera working on Mac.

First test the webcam out to see if it’s going to plug and play for you and your Mac, hopefully you won’t need to buy the software I’m about to recommend to you.

logitech c920 - webcam settings app

If you’re not able to switch inputs to your HD Pro Webcam C920, buy and install the Webcam Settings app for $7.99 from the App Store. Launch the Web Settings app and make a test recording in QuickTime Player: File>New Movie Recording.

logitech c920 qt player alert

If a yellow alert triangle shows up in QT Player’s controls you need to select your camera, microphone and quality settings by clicking on the down arrow next to the red record button.

logitech c920 webcam settings

Select your HD Pro Webcam C920 as the target camera and microphone and adjust the quality as it suits you — either High or Maximum. Now try Skype, FaceTime and any other app that your might need the webcam to work with. The Web Settings app gives you a lot more control over your camera than Apple’s own software does for either their FaceTime or iSight cameras — something you’ll appreciate if you want to make quality HD recordings. Enjoy. Suggested reading: Amazon reviews of the HD Pro Webcam C920



  1. You don’t need to buy this app. Just download for FREE CamTwist:

  2. I have a Mac Pro, bought the software you suggested but still nothing. No pictures from the camera, and Quicktime doesn’t allow me to record on it either. I am on OS X (not Yosemite) as I was worried about the new update on my system.

    Any thoughts? Looks like I wasted my money on the camera and the app.

    • Sorry to hear this Simon. I have no further experience using this webcam beyond the Mac model and OS version given. Did you try the other free software suggested by our previous commenter? Can you cross check that your webcam actually works on a PC — to eliminate the camera as malfunctioning? I’ve since discovered that this webcam’s audio is very slightly out of sync with the video — something which one might be able to fix in editing, but annoying to have to do so.

  3. My C920 records video fine… in SD. I’ve never been able to get it to shoot video in HD for Google Hangouts, Skype, or Quicktime. It also shows up as “USB Camera #2” everywhere… what’s up with that? Do you think the software you recommended above will boost it up to HD?

    • Not sure how I missed this comment — probably because we relocated from East to West coast, sorry Veronica! Mine records in HD so I’m not sure what’s going on with yours.

  4. It’s working here but apps won’t allow access by more than one app at a time. So if it fails, close the apps except the one you want, and that may require that app to be closed and opened. Records in 1080 HD on Quicktime Player, Photo Booth is more like 720 IIRC. But it works better than my last one. 🙂

  5. IS there anyway to use this camera for just streaming or recording FROM the computer or is it only good for skype video or something?

    • Not having used it for streaming, I can’t say definitively, but I would expect it work if the software you propose using is compatible with this camera. Anybody out there with first hand experience streaming from their Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 ?

  6. Thank you for the tips! I bought this camera from OfficeMax, brought it home and couldn’t ‘find’ it on my Mac Air/10.10.x
    So, I took it back. It was an open box, but that didn’t bother me because I bought it on sale for $69. After I read your suggestions, I went back to the store and went to buy it again…same camera, but the clerk gave me 40% more from the sale price because of the trouble…I told him he didn’t have to, but I’m a regular customer and I guess those guys just want to keep us happy. I downloaded the software that you suggested and it works GREAT! I use Screenflow for recording and it even shows up in there!

    Quality is great, price was greater, but it would all have added up to nothing if you had not chosen to publish…thanks a million!

    • Wow, fabulous story. Thanks for commenting, makes me feel good for sharing. I learn so much from others on the net that I kinda feel obliged to give back … and happy that this one worked out for you.

  7. Opened up Quicktime, selected new recording, selected the “down arrow” next to the red button as you recommended. Bam, there it was, hd procam C920. Selected it and the mac “sierra” switched from built in camera to the plug in camera. Thanks so much for the info. Not sure if I’m going to download webcam settings app. Thanks again.

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