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grove of titans frames


Spoiler: Skip to the bottom for GPS directions/coordinates …

Please donate to the Redwood Park Conservancy to protect the “Grove of Titans” here. They’re finally going to build the long overdue “elevated plank walkways” proposed in this blog — years ago!


In my quest to find and see some giant redwoods I planned a drive down the dusty Howland Hill Road in Jedadiah Smith Redwood State Park: You can take a virtual trip down this dirt road in Google Maps using street view — six miles of a rough, narrow, winding road. Browsing Google Maps, a tantalizing nugget of information came into view: A pin labeled “Grove of Titans”, what was that? More research reveals it to be the site of some of the world’s largest redwoods, exactly what I’d like to find and experience. Where are they?

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