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bm - staches copy

Bo-Ashley having recently graduated with a B.Sc. in Architecture and myself in recovery from back surgery: We stuck with a plan long in the making — a father-daughter road trip to Burning Man. Crazy, but fun and unforgettable. Regrettably all too short, so we’re planning a return run in 2016. 

Burning Man is a grand exercise in radical self-reliance and self-expression where everyone participates in a communal convergence of art, technology and glamping. The aim is to create an experience from nothing and to leave without a trace.

bm -- heading out to play

Caption: Heading out at sunset on our bikes to the playa from our tarp tented camp on G at 5.30 …

bm - on the playa

Caption: Burning Man, Hot Tub and Temple …

bm - road trip

Caption: The fabulously long way home …

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